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  • Stimulating My Child Senses

    ( Have you ever introduced your little ones to play bins? If you have, do they love them? In this article, we have our loyal reader and supermommy, Joyie to share with us about creating sensory food play bins.)   Ever since Miss J was young I have started creating little play bins for her. […]

  • ZonBudak : Bathroom Painting

    Have you ever tried this exciting activity in the bathroom? Josie was 22 months old while we did this activity on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I made a batch of homemade paint which is safe, washable and economical. I could see how excited she was while she as painting. It’s great to have different techniques and materials […]

  • ZonBudak : Homemade edible finger paint for young kids at home

    ( * Today we have the pleasure to feature Joy (one our readers) who is an awesome mom who would like to share some great recipe in making sure your kids have a fun time. ) _______________________________ I prepared this for Josie at a very early age to explore painting. It was really awesome to see […]

  • ZonBudak : In Remembrance of MH370

    MH370, you will always be in our heart.. By: Aman Farhan bin Ahmad Zubair, 9 years 6 months old

  • ZonBudak : PrayForMH370

    By : Mirzan Shafeeq bin Mohammad Shazli, 8 & Mueez Sharief bin Mohammad Shazli, 4

  • ZonBudak : Jangan Membuli !

     Jangan Membuli ! (Karya daripada adik Umar Mukhtar bin Salahuddin, 11 tahun ) ZonBudak adalah ruang baru dalam laman di mana karya kreatif kanak-kanak akan dipamerkan. Ruang ini khas untuk kanak-kanak berkongsi isi-hati dan menyampaikan mesej mereka melalui karya kreatif mereka.