ZonBudak : Bathroom Painting


Have you ever tried this exciting activity in the bathroom?

Josie was 22 months old while we did this activity on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I made a batch of homemade paint which is safe, washable and economical. I could see how excited she was while she as painting. It’s great to have different techniques and materials for your young child to paint  and explore. Once your paint is ready you can start painting. Once your young child has completed the task this can be easily washed away by just water and soap. No fuss.

Homemade bathroom paint:

Ingredients : 
Corn starch
Food coloring / natural coloring

Instructions :
Mix corn starch and water to a thick consistency in each small containers
Then add a few drops of food coloring / natural coloring and mix it

* just make sure your bathroom is clean and dry , and there is an adult to supervise your child while he or she is painting in the bathroom to avoid any mishaps.

bathroom7 bathroom2bathroom1   bathroom6


( From Joy )