ZonBudak : Homemade edible finger paint for young kids at home

( * Today we have the pleasure to feature Joy (one our readers) who is an awesome mom who would like to share some great recipe in making sure your kids have a fun time. )


I prepared this for Josie at a very early age to explore painting. It was really awesome to see how she explored paint at a very young age. She started off being excited and curious on using a brush , then went on to dip her little fingers into the bottles of paint and smearing it all over with her palms and lastly had a few taste of paint. As a parent i felt secured knowing that it was safe even though she ingested some. So try it today with your little one and let them explore the wonders of painting.

I am going to share my all time favourite homemade edible finger painting recipe: ( this recipe makes 3 portions of paint for 1 kid)

1/2 cup cornstarch
3 Tbsp. sugar
1/2 Tsp. salt
2 cups cold water
Food coloring/ natural colors from fruits or vegetables ( juice)

Mix all ingredients except food coloring and keep stirring on the stove until the paint become thick.
Prepare a few different bottles or bowls and add your prepared food coloring or natural coloring.
Once cool divide the thick paint into portions and stir till the coloring is a smooth consistency.
You can use it immediately or later.
Store it in the fridge.
This can be kept for about 1-3 months.


( written by Joy )