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  • Adakah Vaksin MMR selamat ?

    Q:  Adakah vaksin MMR selamat? Saya banyak mendengar dan membaca tentang MMR vaksin boleh menyebabkan masalah autism di kalangan kanak kanak. Anak saya akan menjangkau usia setahun tak lama lagi dan saya ragu ragu tentang ini. Mohon pencerahan doktor (Shahrul). A: Shahrul, terima kasih kerana bertanya tentang kaitan MMR vaksin dan autism. Saya memahami kerisauan dan […]

  • Fever & Rashes considered as adverse effects following immunisation (AEFI) ?

    Q:  I’m just curious, are fever and rashes considered as AEFI? If yes, why in some clinics, when my friend complained about her child getting fever/ rashes due to vaccination, the doctor didn’t treat the case as AEFI? In fact, when she wanted to fill up the AEFI form, the doctor simply said that ” […]

  • Do I need additional Vaccines for my child ?

    Q : ” Besides the required jab as per given by the klinik kesihatan, how important for me to take the additional jab from private hospital such as influenza, pneumococal, etc.  What are the side effects towards our children?  I just felt, there are too many vaccine to be given to a child… What do you […]

  • Thank you for your questions and feedback

    We hope to produce blog posts that answers the following questions, really soon. Example of questions that we received since launching yesterday were as follow:- 1)  ” Salam, my baby skrg 11months. Masa dia 2bulan stgh, dia pernah amik vaksin pneumococcal. The next day tu die demam sehari then batuk berkahak lebih dr seminggu. Doc […]