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doktorbudak_printit_fundraising_fb was founded by Dr. Zahilah Filzah Zulkifli and Dr. Foo Chee Hoe in July 2013 with the aim to help parents by creating an online avenue to answer questions about child health. is a free site. All 31 (and counting) paediatricians and paediatric related specialists are volunteers – dedicated to sharing knowledge and help parents for free. Our annual expenses are less than fifty thousand ringgit. is run by Persatuan Advokasi Kesihatan Kanak-kanak Malaysia, a registered NGO in Malaysia (Reg. No.: PPM-007-14-05052014).

From the very beginning was founded with the vision to help serve the community by providing useful information about child health. We served over 250,000 page views in October 2014. Our paediatricians and paediatric related specialists are answering about 20 questions a week.

Your donation helps us in several ways. First of all, you’ll help us cover the increasing cost of managing traffic to the Funds also help us improve the software that runs – making it easier for parents to search, and ask questions. We’re constantly upgrading our system to manage the questions and answers more efficiently. wants to serve the community. To keep running and growing we need support from people like you.

doktorbudak-printit-fundraising X Printit Fundraising Campaign

Printit is a mobile application that helps you to print your smartphone photos into beautiful shareable items, right from your smartphone. Be it photo print, photobook, postcards and calendar, you’re now able to immortalize your beautifully captured memories within your fingertip with Printit.

Printit is introducing a special limited edition DoktorBudak SquarePostcard package where you can create beautiful postcards with your own photos, at the same time donating to 100% profit after cost will be donated to running fund.

How to Printit:


The limited edition SquarePostcard package is only available from 15 November 2014 to 31 December 2014. Install Printit for free and start donating to today.

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