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  • Temper tantrums : What can I do ?

    Parenting Skill: Managing Tantrum Tantrum is very common among children aged 18 – 48 months. Temper tantrums can be normal but can be upsetting and challenging to parents. It can be in the form of anger, frustrations, and difficult behaviour. Your child can scream, cry, kick, break things, disruptive, aggressive and in some case, hold […]

  • How and when to start potty training (latihan tandas) ?

    Q: Hi docs, when is the best time to start potty train a toddler? my daughter is almost two now. And, what are the steps of training for it to be effective? Thank you. (Nur) A:  Generally you can start around 18-24 month old. What is more important is to assess your child’s readiness before beginning […]

  • My toddler is throwing tantrums and jealous of her little brother !

    Q:  Salam Dr, how to handle tantrum of toddler? My 1 year 10 month old girl always throw the things when she unsatisfied with something. Sometime she scratch to our face to show her mad. One more thing, I think she is a bit jealous with her new brother, 3 months old baby. She sometimes […]