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  • Which type of cup is good for my baby ?

    Q: Dear Doctor, I would like to ask which type of cup is good to introduce for baby at 6 month? is it sippy cup? or cup with the straw ? or the regular cup without lid? is it true that the sippy cup can increase risk of dental caries, and giving effect to the oral […]

  • Lactose intolerance and cow’s milk allergy

    Q: Salam dr(s), my baby is now 13mo an fully bf. she’s allergic to cow formula milk because she once consumed formula milk and rashes started to appear all over her face. From my readings on the internet, it may be caused by cow’s milk allergy and also might be because of lactose intolerant. What’s […]

  • Susu lembu, susu kambing atau susu soya ?

    Q: ” Hi doc..antra susu kambing, susu lembu dan susu soya yg mana satu paling baik utk bayi 1 thun ke atas..sy pernah terbaca artikel yg menyatakan susu kambing lbh baik drp susu lembu dan susu soya tidak sesuai untuk di berikan kepada bayi..sejauh mana kebenaran tesebut? and i know of course mom’s milk is the […]

  • My child has cow’s milk allergy, when should I switch back to normal formula ?

    Q:  Hi Doctors. Talking about cow’s milk allergy, I have been giving my 7 month old baby a HA (hypoallergenic) milk (since he was 4 m/o) because his paeds was certain he has cow’s milk allergy.I was wondering when should I switch to a normal formula since he is now free from rashes. (Abby) A:  […]