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  • Anak saya DEMAM

    Q: Apabila anak demam, apakah yang sepatutnya dilakukan? Saya mendapat banyak nasihat dan ada antaranya bercanggah.  Ada yang suruh balut anak dengan tuala basah, ada yang tegah cara ini, kononnya anak akan karam panas. Ada juga yang mencadangkan bagi anak tidur di bilik berhawa dingin atau depan kipas untuk turunkan suhu tapi ada juga yang […]

  • Fever with rash – Infection or Allergy ?

    Q: ” Salam doctor, my baby is 9 months old. she is currently having viral fever and this is the fifth day and is on antibiotics. my question is, today i found out that she has a few red patches on the back, couldn’t find any on the other body parts. what could it be? […]

  • Lip swelling and rash – is it allergy ?

    Q:  I have 19 month old baby girl.  A week ago she caught the cough bug from me. She ran a mild fever but her appetite was still good.  Hence, her minder (grandmother) monitored her closely and only gave her fever meds as and when her fever came up. After a few days, she refused to eat. […]

  • Thank you for your questions and feedback

    We hope to produce blog posts that answers the following questions, really soon. Example of questions that we received since launching yesterday were as follow:- 1)  ” Salam, my baby skrg 11months. Masa dia 2bulan stgh, dia pernah amik vaksin pneumococcal. The next day tu die demam sehari then batuk berkahak lebih dr seminggu. Doc […]