[Q&A] Local allergy reaction secondary to insect bite

Question: Hi doc.I noticed my 2y.o daughter always had quite bad local skin reaction towards insect bites..I don’t know what kind of insects that really like to bite my daughter because she will developed big skin swelling with punctum,warm,red,a bit fluctuating and serous discharge..sometimes it’s became bullous at bite site..it will slowly subside within 5 to 7 days..and it’s recurrent! But at different site of skin..is there any special ointment medication for this caused I’m usually just applied ‘mopiko’ to it but it’s turned into very ugly dark marks..please help me. (Ida)

Answer: Some children are more prone to bites and respond greater to them compared with other children. These condition usually improves as the child grows older . When the bite happens, u can apply mild steroid cream to reduce the redness and itchiness. If the itchiness is bad, u may want to give some antihistamine to reduce the scratching. If your child scratches less, the marks thereafter will be better as well. The dark marks will gradually become lighter and eventually fades with time. Apart from these there is nothing much u can do to help though.

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