[Q&A] Can cancer patients who are going through chemo meet up with individuals recently vaccinated with live virus vaccines?

Question: Can cancer patients going through chemo or immunocompromised individuals, meet up with those recently vaccinated with live virus vaccines like the MMR, oral polio, rotavirus, varicella and nasal flu?

Answer: Those who were recently vaccinated with live vaccines should avoid contact with immunocompromised individuals. Live vaccines is not suitable for immunocompromised individuals, and may present as threat. For those are recently vaccinated with MMR and varicella and developed rashes, they may be infective and should not be near them. Those who had nasal flu vaccine should avoid contact for about 1 week. Those who have received oral polio also should not be near the immunocompromised invididuals. However, oral polio is not in the Malaysian vaccination programme and inactivate polio (intramuscular injection) is given instead. Inactivated vaccines are safe.