[Q&A] HPV injection – Safe?

Question: Dear Doctor, Would like to find out,
1: Is it save for my daughter to go for HPV injection ?
2: Is there any side effect to our health ?
3: What are the symptom after go for 1st dose ~ 3rd dose the injection ?

Answer: 1. Human Papilloma Virus vaccination is approved and found to be safe for public use. That is why it is approved, because it is safe. 2. As with all vaccinations, some side effects can happen because it is triggering an immune response. 3. Common side effects include :-pain, swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the injection site. headache. fever. nausea. dizziness. vomiting. fainting. However – this will not happen to everyone who takes the vaccine. Most commonly, mild fever with some lethargy is the case.