[Q&A] Is MMR booster jab required prior to 7 years old?

Question: Hi Doc.. My girl (5yrs 4mths) was given the booster jab for Chicken Pox recently. But according to the Pediatrician, she needs to be given another booster jab for MMR as well. According to the immunisation schedule, once the child reach 7yrs old, they’ll be given booster jab for MMR right? So, is it necessary to take the MMR booster jab now since there will be given at 7yrs old? (Michelle Ho)

Answer: The official schedule according to Malaysian Paediatric Protocol and our national schedule is at 7 years old. Some recommendations are between 4 – 6 years old, but the second dose can be given at any age, at least it is more than 28 days from the first dose. So if you are committed for the jab at 7 years old, then you dont need the booster jab before that. Please read: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd-vac/measles/vacc-in-short.htm