[Q&A] Pus at injection site

Question: My girl 48 days. Get 2nd dose hep B at 1 month on her thigh. Her arm injection site started to inflammed after a week plus. Then, come out pus in green yellowish. She has no fever.

Is this serious to bring to see doctor? Could i hand press to clear the pus? (Saw)

Answer: Puan Saw, the swollen inflammation at the left arm is due to BCG vaccination given after 1 day of birth, and not Hep B as that is given at the thigh. BCG swelling with some pus discharge can be normal and need not require treatment unless there is surroudnuing skin infection or the abscess becoming larger. Please consult a doctor to confirm. Although the BCG injection is given at newborn period, it will only appear usually after 1 month.