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  • Parents of children with Autism – the unsung heroes

    Stories of the Unsung Heroes and Their Children April is Autism Awareness month. Much has been done by many practitioners, organisations and parents to highlight autism to the public. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the unsung heroes that I had the pleasure of working with– parents and caregivers of […]

  • Adakah Vaksin MMR selamat ?

    Q:  Adakah vaksin MMR selamat? Saya banyak mendengar dan membaca tentang MMR vaksin boleh menyebabkan masalah autism di kalangan kanak kanak. Anak saya akan menjangkau usia setahun tak lama lagi dan saya ragu ragu tentang ini. Mohon pencerahan doktor (Shahrul). A: Shahrul, terima kasih kerana bertanya tentang kaitan MMR vaksin dan autism. Saya memahami kerisauan dan […]

  • My child has speech delay. Could it be Autism?

    Q: Good day dr..is it normal for a 21 months old boy have a speech delay?is this something related to autism?..been told that this is normal in boys but it still worry me..thank you ( Liza ) A: Hi Puan Liza, speech delay does not always indicate autism. The language problem can also indicate other health […]