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  • Nutrition Tips for Dealing with Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA)

    One of the most common childhood food allergies is Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA). Children who have this have an adverse immune system reaction to the proteins found in cow’s milk. Casein is the main protein in cow’s milk. There are 2 parts to milk — curd is the solid part of the milk you […]

  • School Snack Ideas for Your Kids

    Nutrition is a very important component to a child’s health. From the time a child is born, their growth potential and development is greatly influenced by the type of nutrition they get. Parents play a very crucial role in their child’s nutrition. Children still need the guidance of their parents in ensuring they eat well […]

  • Cultured Milk for Children

    Every child loves a drink of cultured milk. They love it for its taste and definitely its colour. In fact, not just a child, but any adult would love the same. Cultured milk existed long ago, as a way to increase the shelf life of a milk product, and at the same time to enhance […]

  • Vitamins and minerals for children

    Malnutrition still exists in modern times despite we live in an era of economic abundance. In most countries, we rarely face food shortage. However, important elements to complete a wholesome nutritional requirement might still be lacking in our modern dietary lifestyle. This includes diet for children as well. These elements are vitamins and minerals which […]

  • [Q&A] Mixing food

    Question: i would like to ask at my age can my babg food be mix? As she is 10 months i am still giving her single food without mixing it (Zai) Answer: Yes, surely you can mix your foods but ideally it be natural foods, not processed foods. Do not mix with salt yet until […]

  • [Q&A] Perkembangan anak

    Question: Anak saya berumur 1tahun 4 bulan, berat badan pula 7.1kg. sejak saya perkenal makanan pejal pada usianya 6 bulan, anak saya makan tetapi berat badan hanya naik 200gram dalam masa sebulan. anak saya masih menyusu badan, tetapi sekarang sudah mula minum susu formula tetapi hanya 4 oz sehari. kerana lebih suka menyusu badan. sejak […]

  • [Q&A] Cirit birit

    Question: sy introduced solid food, puree epal to my daughter at 5.5 month. She’s on formula milk. Selepas seminggu sy selang seli dgn cerelac beras susu. Sometimes when on the move sy feed biskut bayi milna. Her poo and intake susu formula seperti biasa. Until 6 days ago her poo started to become yellowish and […]

  • [Q&A] Cara bagi vitamin

    Question: Saya menghadapi anak yg sangat susah makan apatah lagi memberikan vitamin..sangat susah memberi vitamin appeton lysine dlm bentuk sirap maka saya bg dalam tablet..anak saya tidak semudahnye menelan vitamin tersebut kerana apa jua makanan yang rasa seperti ubat pasti tidak akan dimakan nye seperti vitagen apatah lg vitamin.vitamin syrup campur dengan susu pun die […]

  • [Q&A] Anak taknak makan

    Question: Hi doctor Anak lelaki sy berumur 1 tahun 4 bulan & baru pandai berjalan & baru ada gigi sebatang. sejak 2 mggu ni dia tak mahu makan, sy sediakan makanan yg biasa dia makan (oat, bubur ayam/udang/kentang/kerot/brokoli, nasi lembik dgn ikan semua dia tolak, kemudian sy pelbagaikan menu,sy try mee sup/goreng/pasta cara masakan yg […]

  • [Q&A] Formula milk vs fresh milk

    Question: Assalamualaikum and good day. Sy tahu bahawa susu ibu adalah yg terbaik utk anak2. tetapi tidak semua ibu mampu utk menyusui anak mereka dan terpaksa memberi formua milk as a opt. baru2 ini, sy ada terbaca perbincangan tentang sugar content dlm formula milk, and based on the discussion i can conclude that due to […]