[Q&A] Skin problem on 6 months old baby

Question: Hi.My daughter is having red patches with dots on her belly. When touch it feels like a very rough skin. I have a picture if needed (as there’s no column for me to attach it). She had rashes on her face before and we visited doctor and been given medicine to apply. I applied the same medicine on the patches on her belly but it did not resolve.Kindly advise. (Tammy Foo)

Answer: Hi Tammy, Thanks for your question. Red patches over the tummy may be due to many possibilities. Commonest among a 6months old may be due to ‘contact irritant dermatitis’. This may be due to something u may have applied over the tummy that your baby may be allergic to. Another possibility may be just heat rash. This may be due to tight clothing and being in a hot environment. The other possibility may be due to eczema. However eczema is less likely to begin at the abdomen. It is more commonly seen over the elbows and knees before affecting the rest of the body. Treatment would depend on the underlying cause. I would suggest that u continue the medication ie cream for about 2 weeks, if it’s still persistent, u may wanna go back to the same doctor and get his or her opinion again and perhaps a referral for a more expert opinion.