[Q&A] Roseola after Fever

Question: Since last Tuesday, my bb girl was having fever. She just recovered from fever yesterday but soon follow by red spots and rashes all over her body, face and neck. I suspect it’s Roseola virus. This is the 2nd time she’s having “fever then rashes” problem. How to prevent rashes after the fever? Wouldn’t she get immune to it? When she was having fever, i only feed her pink fever syrup prescribed from paediatrician. (Soh)

Answer: Dear Soh, I agree with your suspicion that it is likely to “roseola infantum” caused by Human herpesvirus 6. There are a variety of mild viral infection that will lead to rashes towards the end of the course of the infection. Rashes is not a complication of the condition that should be prevented, but it is part of the natural history that will occur. In fact, the appearance of rash may help us to make a better diagnosis, and also estimate the timeline of the illness. For example, in dengue fever, the appearance of the classical dengue rash “sea of red in isles of white apperance” will indicate that it is nearing the recovery phase.