[Q&A] Early awareness of sexuality

Question: An 8 year girl has mastered clitoris stimulation.she does not use her fingers but rubs her bolster between her legs. also tucks the crotch area of her panties into her sensitive spot.when questioned her answer is’ feels good,why should i not do it.’she is acting innocently but the parents are confused. should they just ignore the issue or what? they have repeatedly warned her against doing in but she persists.please help!!! (by Jelaja)

Answer: At 8 year old, it is normal for them to be curious about sexuality and they would explore their sexual behaviour and genitalia. The reaction of parents/ adults are important. Suggestions to parents: 1. This is a good opportunity to start to educate her on sexuality/ sexual education. However, parents need to tailor it to her age and her ability to understand Рuse pictures, stories relevant to her age. 2. Discuss with her on how masturbation is making other people uncomfortable. And parents can tell her their worries. Parents can use our society norms to explain their worries Рmasturbation is not something you do it public. However, in sexual development of children, masturbation is normal, as part of their exploration of their own body. 3. If your religion prohibits masturbation, you can explain and talk to her from this perspective. 4. Try to help her by providing alternative to that behaviour Рuse distraction and engage her with other things if you notice she started to masturbate.