[Q&A] Sex Education

Question: My 12 year old girl is asking me about sex. I feel embarassed about it but I know I need to teach her as I am worried her schoolmates may be teaching her wrongly. Please tell me the right way to teach her about this. (Wai K)

Answer: You are right, if you don’t talk to her about sex/ sex education, she will find it from other source – ie friends, internet etc. Parents must feel comfortable talking about sex, before starting to talk about it to the children. Read up on sexual education, equip yourself. Use illustration to help you. Filter the information about sex to make it suitable to your daughter’s age. If she asks something that you are not sure about, be frank and tell her you would look for more informations. Your daughter need to know her parents are safe people with whom to discuss sensitive or embarrassing topics. All the best!