[Q&A] We cant put down our 3 months old son

Question: Hi Dr. It started when he had high fever when he was 2 months (admitted for 7 days,fully recovered) that our son only wants us to carry him around- all the time. This is cute but when it come to chores, we have to do it late at night. We also noticed that he will cry as son as we put him in rocking chair, babycrib etc. Oddly, this does not happen when there is a big crowd of visitors at home or when we visit other relatives- we later discovered that it was due to everyone likes to ‘dukung’ hin around. Help- confused young parents. (Wan Nur Nathirah)

Answer: This seems like he has formed some form of separation anxiety in which he feel insecure when he was put to be on his own. this could be aggravated after being unwell. We have an article in the past ( http://www.doktorbudak.com/2013/07/22/how-to-reduce-separation-anxiety/) which relates more to an older age group like after 6 months, but the principle should be, don’t give up trying – have to train him to be on the crib, do not give in too easily to his crying, reassure him with other methods – distraction, swaddle, soft white noise.