About us

We are a group of paediatricians in Malaysia who would like to create an online avenue for parents to ask questions about child health care.

We spend alot of time with babies and children and we often meet anxious parents who have many questions and we realise they are all pertinent questions.

Parents do need good information to care for their child.
We hope this website will be a good place for you to find answer to your questions.

DoktorBudak is a collective effort of several paediatricians and paediatric related specialists in Malaysia. We also have a paediatric dentist, a paediatric surgeon, a child psychiatrist, a speech therapist and a nutrionist. They form the board of panel to answer your questions.

Dr. Zahilah Filzah Zulkifli
Dr. Foo Chee Hoe

Dr. Aileen Wee
Dr. Azhar Mahmud
MBBS (UM) , MPaed (UM)
Dr. Aznor Fadly
MBBS (IMU), MMed Paed (USM)
Dr. Caroline Eng
Dr. Fahisham Taib
MB BCh BAO (Dublin), MRCPCH (UK), MMedSci (NUI Galway), DCH (Glasgow), SpecCertPallCare (Aus) ​
Dr. Faisal Mohd Fadzli
MB Bch BaO BMedSc MRCP (Ireland) , UiTM
Dr. Juliana Hashim
Dr. Mohamed Najib bin Mohamed
Unni M.D ( USM), M.MED Paeds (UKM)
Dr. Mohd Zaqrul Razmal
MD (USM) MPaed (UM)
Dr. Ng Khuen Foong
Dr. Pravin Vasanthan
Dr. Rashdan Zaki bin Mohamed
MBBS (UM), MMed Paed (UM)
Dr. Soong Eileen
MBChB (Sheffield, UK) MRCPCH(UK)
Dr. Wong Wei Yin
Dr. Yap Hsiao Ling
Dr. Intan Juliana Abd Hamid
MD (UKM), M.MED (Paeds) USM
dr-nazrul Dr. Nazrul Neezam Nordin
MBBS (UM), M.MED Paeds (UM), Fellowship in Paediatric Gastroenterology (Rch Melbourne)

Ghaz    Dr Muhammad Ghazali bin Ahmad Narihan , MD (UKM), MMed Paeds (UKM)

Poong  Dr Poongundran A/L Pannerselvan , MBBS (UM), MRCPCH(UK)

maryam Dr Maryamjameelah Razali , MBBS(UIA) , MRCPCH(UK)

Masri Dr Masri Muhamed , Pakar Pediatrik UiTM

shafinaDr Noor Shafina Binti Mohd Nor, MBBCh BAO BMedSc , MRCP Paediatric (Ireland) , Paediatric Endocrinologist and a Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics, UiTM

DR IQBAL Dr Mohd Iqbal Iyen, MD (USM); MMED (PAEDS) (USM), Paediatrician(Special Interest in Haematology)

Dr. Norharlina Bahar
MD (UKM), MMed (Psych)(UKM), Child & Adol Psych (VIC)
 IMG_0940 Dr. Nazariah Aiza Binti Harun
Bac. Med. Science, MD (UPM), Master of Psychological Medicine (UM)

Dr. Kalairasu Peariasamy
BDS (Malaya), Masters in Paediatric Dentistry ( University of London ), Fellowship in Dental Surgery ( Royal College of Surgeons of England )
Dr. Noren Nor Hasmun
BDS (UKM), DClinDent in Paediatric Dentistry (University of Otago)

Dr. Syariz Izy Sehat
MBBCh, BAO, BMed Sc (University College of Cork, Ireland), Master in Paediatric Surgery (UM), Fellow of European Board of Paediatric Surgery (EBPS)

Dr. Ramiza Ramza Bin Ramli
MBBS(UWI), MMED ORL-HNS (Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Dr. Shah Jumaat Mohd. Yussof
MB., BCh., BAO.(Ireland), LRCPS(Ireland), MRCS(Ireland), MS.(Plastic Surgery)

Ms. Yong Ennie
BSpeech Sci (Hon) (UKM) Speech-language pathologist

Ms. Kimberly Wong Yuin Y’ng
BSc Nutrition (Hon) (UKM), Master of Health Science (Nutrition) (UKM)

Ms. Wong Yeng Pooi
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) , UKM

gambar uswa Ms. Uswatun Hasanah bt Mohd Habib
The Happiest Baby Certified Educator

untitled Dr. Nor’Ain Binti Mohd Rawi
MD (UKM) Ms Ophthalmology (UKM)



jardian 3

Mr. Jardian Tay,   B. Speech Sc. (Hon) (UKM), PGDip Special Education (Autism) (UKM)

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