[Q&A] Influenza B

Question: Hi Doctor. My elder son 3 years 6 months old had influenza B from 24.2.2015 – 2.3.2015. Admitted hospital for 4D3N due to my son has allergic to the medicine “Tamiflu” and he refuses to eat & drink on the first 2 days when he had fever. After he recover from Influenza B, i find that he sicks easily. He had cough on and off until now. He also had fever 1 day on 13.3.2015 (given Voren to reduce fever) & 27.3.2015 (no medicine given). He did complaint sore throat on both day that he had fever. His teacher says he drinks quite a lot of water in the school. I did not bring him to see doctor on 13.3.2015 & 27.3.2015 as he recover himself after wake up the next morning. Why is he like this? Anything should i take note on? (Stephanie Leong)

Answer: Is this the first year your child join a kindergarten? New exposure to other kids and their congregation of germs may lead to more frequent mild infection. From your description, it appears that on both occasion of those dates ( 1 week apart), the child had a mild infection with fever only lasting for one day without the need of much medications, it appears he has a mild viral infection. Recovering from the illness could lead to slightly reduced immunity which may cause him to be more susceptible but this should not be prolonged. It may be quite alright to get a mild viral upper respiratory tract infection about once a month but not if frequently serious infection that requires hospital stay. If he keeps on getting sick for the next few weeks, then you should let him be reexamined by a doctor.