[Q&A] Formula milk vs fresh milk

Question: Assalamualaikum and good day.

Sy tahu bahawa susu ibu adalah yg terbaik utk anak2. tetapi tidak semua ibu mampu utk menyusui anak mereka dan terpaksa memberi formua milk as a opt. baru2 ini, sy ada terbaca perbincangan tentang sugar content dlm formula milk, and based on the discussion i can conclude that due to that, mommies should continue giving the baby (1y and above) the fresh milk (i.e farmhouse). the obvious reason is because the fresh milk has lower sugar content. Any advises on this?

Thank you.

Answer: Dear Puan Shida, If your child is above 1 year old, it is permissible for you to give your child fresh milk. However, not all things that are permissible is beneficial. The contents in fresh milk varies from time to time as there are no additional vitamin, minerals and other essential proteins and fats in the milk as compared to a formula milk. If you are concern about your child’s sugar intake, we would advice to avoid other sweetened beverages (e.g. fruit juices or packaged drinks), and keep the formula milk intake within the recommended range. It is not worth sacrificing the vitamins and minerals which is essential for growth especially in babies and young children (below 3y) for the sake of sugar control. When your child gets older, you can opt to give them fresh milk.