[Q&A] Cirit birit

Question: sy introduced solid food, puree epal to my daughter at 5.5 month. She’s on formula milk. Selepas seminggu sy selang seli dgn cerelac beras susu. Sometimes when on the move sy feed biskut bayi milna. Her poo and intake susu formula seperti biasa. Until 6 days ago her poo started to become yellowish and slimmy, similar to cirit birit, up to 6 times a day. However she seems happy, not in pain, and taking formula as usual. I stop feeding her solid food for 2 days and continue formula milk only.Then her poo back to normal and less slimmy.
1) then i starts feeding her pear puree and the slimmy yellowish poo is coming back.. Is she not ready to take solid-food? Why the first 2weeks everything seems ok?
2) anything i should be worry about?

Appreciates your advice. Thank you. (Nur)

Answer: Dear Puan Nur, It is expected to experience changes of the characteristics of the stools upon weaning. Usual experience is hard stools and other changes in consistency, more smelly stools and changes in colour. This is due to the solid foods that are introduced and interact with the bowels differently from milk. Sometimes their inability to digest fibre will also cause the stools looking similar to the food given, i.e raisins, carrots. If diarrhoea, with slime occurs, it could mean intolerance/allergy to the food given. This is more significant if baby is uncomfortable, vomits, tummy distended. However, I cannot ascertain whether the slimy is of significant problem unless able to see it for myself. So I suggest you take a picture of the stools, and consult a doctor for an examination and further discussion.