[Q&A] Wet Palm

Question: My daughter is 11. She has a serious wet palm and feet issue. To the extend it affect her self esteem of shying away from shaking hands and unable to work normal as her feet is wet with water on slipper (the scene is like after washing her feet type) (Daniel)

Answer:┬áHi Daniel, I can imagine the distress because that can cause serious impact on a teenager’s life. The condition is called hyperhidrosis and is treatable. You can bring her to visit the skin doctor at a dermatology clinic or hospital for iontophoresis. Improvement is seen after 5-6 sessions though. Meanwhile , there are measures that can be taken : 1. Avoid spicy food or food that generally cause her to sweat 2. use antiperspirant regularly 3. wear loose clothes 4. use mild soap However , I need to remind you that increased sweating may also be a sign of a medical condition called hyperthyroidism (increased in thyroid hormone)If she has the following sx, pls bring her to the paediatric doctor instead 1. eats a lot but thin 2. palpitations 3. diarrhoea 4. hand tremors 5. weight loss 6. fatigue 7. muscle weakness like difficulty to climb stairs 8. menstrual irregularities if she has had her menses 9. difficulty to sleep. Hope this helps.