[Q&A] Suddenly refusing bottle

Question: Hi.my baby is now 6 months old.since last week he started to refuse bottle feeding regardless its a formula milk nor my ebm.he was having some sort of urti,so i figured maybe becoz of that he refused the bottle.so i started weaning him and he seems to take solid food well but not much around 4oz in daytime.but after his urti resolved,he still refuse his bottle feeding.i tried spoon feed him milk and give him sipcup but failed.i am a working mother,so i am worried he is not getting enough milk.he’ll direct breastfeed from milk when i get home as if he’s waiting for me.i didnt see any sign of tooth coming out so im really worried as he looks like losing weight a bit.otherwise he is still active at home.what can i do?and it is normal in baby to suddenly refuse bottle? (Farah)

Answer: Hi Mrs Farah, For a six month old baby, weight growth is important. If he is not taking milk from the bottle, you can direct breastfeed him, and include the formula milk in your weaning food, such as milk pudding, or even in mashed pumpkin or banana milkshake. Your baby may just be refusing bottle temporarily.