[Q&A] Smecta

Question: Dear doctor,i have a baby aged 6 months plus.he is breastfeed until 6 months old and currently on formula milk completely and starts on weaning diet.he starts to have diarrhea since yesterday , purging almost every feeding, until today I noticed there is bloody mucous in his stool. Dr. Prescribed smecta,ors and Probiotics. And I doubt how to give the smecta. The instruction I got is dilute 1 sachet in 250ml water which I think not so practical for my bb to finish it .I w=]hope to get the correct way to give the drug.tq

Answer: No it is not 250ml. That one is Oral rehydration salt. For smecta , the instructions are: The content of the sachet can be added and thoroughly stirred in the feeding bottel with 50ml of water ,or mixed with semi liquid food such as broth, stewed fruit, mashed vegetables or babyfood.