[Q&A] Singulair 4mg for infant 5mo

Question: Dear Doctor,

My baby will be 6mo on 09/12/14. She has been coughing with a lot of mucus in side her since 3 weeks ago. Last week, paed prescribe Salbumtamol and given nab. but its still not getting better.
Last two days, she been coughing till vomit and we can see that her mucus is white colour.

Today we brought her see the same paed again and she prescribe this Singulair 4mg to be taken once a day.

My question is , whethere a 5-6mo baby can take this Singulair? My knowledge is that this medicine is for asthma patients to relieve the breathing. Is this medicine able to clear the mucus for the baby? is it safe?

Wish to get reply from you soon. Thank you.

Answer: Dear Winnie, when a paediatrician prescribe you a certain type of medicine, you have the right to question the doctor and get full information. I believe the paediatrician knows what she/he is doing if you doubt him/her, you should tell her. I agree with the doctor in using this for your child who may have prolonged coughing/wheezing from a viral infection. An infant would benefit from viral induced wheezing/hyperactive airway condition. It is still too early to label the infant to have asthma. It does not help much exactly in clearing mucus secretion but it may help to reduce further secretion. Montelukast is a leukotriene inhibitor and it works by suppressing the hypersensitivity/inflammation to reduce prolonged coughing and prevent further viral induced wheeze. I believe the paediatrician would NOT give you an unsafe medicine. If you have doubts, please tell the doctor that made the prescription. A good doctor-patient communication is important.