[Q&A] Is reverse osmosis water suitable for baby?

Question: Hi doc,
As my water supply at my housing area not so clean so I bought reverse osmosis water filter.
My baby now is 8 months old.

Check with doctor , is this type of water suitable for my baby to drink? If not, can doctor explain why. And recommend what type of water filter suitable for baby.

Secondly, I use the hot water without cooking from the water filter to mix with formula milk powder for my baby to drink. Is that ok for my baby to drink?  Thanks. (Ghim Sin)

Answer: I do not agree that you do not boil the water because there could still be germs from the filter. We had seen cases before of babies getting serious infection from contaminated water. Reverse osmosis water is okay but you should still boil it, as we can not be sure of the source of the water.