[Q&A] G6PD baby

Question: Hi my name is ilyana and i just gave birth to my second baby few days ago. My baby is a G6PD baby and the paed at the hospital is keeping him for at least another 7 days for phototherapy treatment because of jaundice. They said because G6PD baby can easily get prolong jaundice. My question is, is it necessary to keep him under the phototherapy treatment for 7 days even though his reading is low?

Answer: There is a standard protocol for G6PD observation in Malaysian setting. In Ministry of Health hospital setting, G6PD babies are kept for observation for the first 5 days, and will be given photo if the bilirubin level is above the photo level (the level may be adjusted to a lower threshold in view of the risk involved). If the reading is really low, much below the required photo level then no need. You should get assurance from a paediatrician who should be able to make good decision on G6PD cases. You should also be counselled about what are the do’s and dont’s of G6PD cases. G6PD can be a cause for high severe jaundice, and not exactly for prolonged jaundice although it may cause haemolysis later on and presented as prolonged jaundice.