[Q&A] Microtia & Atresia

Question: My son have a 7 months old with microtia & atresia on his left ear.Could anyone give me details of microtia and what they have gone through. I wish to know which are the hospital have doing specialized surgeries on microtia & atresia.I felt very depressed. Thanks. (Fanny)

Answer:┬áDear Puan, Is your son under a paediatrician follow-up and ENT doctor follow-up? They are the best person to advise you as they know the exact problem and the features, as each individual’s problem is unique. If he is not under anyone’s care, then I would like to suggest you to approach a doctor either in the private or govt clinic, to request for a referral to the most suitable paediatric and ENT centre. Please read this article which can give you an idea – http://www.microtia.net/dealing.htm I will get our ENT doctor to answer more on this.