[Q&A] Child weird behaviour

Question: My girl is 23 months old now & under the day & night care by nanny (except weekend with Parents), every time when she about to poo (or other action), we try to clean her, initially she reluctant to clean(say no… don’t want. When we observed her request not to clean her, she will cry & ask otherwise..(mean she want to clean now). She will acting the same ways for other actions like feed her lunch, …etc. Doctor, any communication with this attitude or she just ask for pacifying? Thank you Doctor. (Edward Wong)

Answer: She is trying to communicate with you with the only way she know how, as a 23 months old girl. When she say ‘No’, do not stop there, find out what she actually meant. Talk to her, use simple language appropriate to her age. She probably just want to play with you. She probably feels unfamiliar with you, having seeing you only on weekends. Get to know her, make her feel comfortable and safe with you. All the best. Replied by Dr Norharlina Bakar (For more enquiries on related matter, please direct question to ‘Parenting/Psychology’ column. Thank you.)