[Q&A] Can I continue to breastfeed after taking Altacef 250?

Question: I was prescribed Altacef-250 due to blocked duct on my breast and was informed that it is safe for breastfeeding. However, i found few articles online saying that this antibiotic is not safe for breastfeeding. Can i continue to breastfeed after taking the medicine? i wish to stop taking it as my blocked duct has gone. (Shibi)

Answer: Cefuroxime is safe to be used for breastfeeding moms. What are the articles and is the conclusion well defined ? There are only very few medications that are truly unsafe and totally unacceptable to be used during breastfeeding. If you are concerned, you can opt to discard the milk that is produced for the next 3-4 hours after taking the medicine. Of course, you should also question if you should take the medicine, to see if it is really indicated. While Cefuroxime taken in the right dose should not cause significant harm, one should not take medicine unncessarily. As cefuroxime is an antibiotic, it should be used for treating an infection. I am not sure of its use for blocked duct unless there is element of infection.

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