[Q&A] Pubic Itchy And Redness

Question: 2 year old daughter complained itchiness on the pubic area. she is not wearing diapers anymore, after she urinate, we will clean it with tissue. we tried to apply rashes cream but there is no improvement. redness can be seen around the pubic area. is it dangerous? should I bring her to see doc?

Answer: I would assume your daughter only has redness and itchiness around the pubic area and not elsewhere. This is because if she has rashes elsewhere this problem could be part of it. From what you have mentioned, it is likely to be nothing sinister as it sounds like itchiness that results from sweating. As it is the pubic area, it is likely to be occluded most of the time as well even though she is not using pampers anymore. However I will still advise you to bring her to consult your paediatrician. This is so that your paediatrician can have a look and offer their expertise and opinion whether your daughter needs further consult or work up. Thanks