[Q&A] Vaginal discharge

Question: Hi doctor, may i know girls normaly will start have viginal discharge at what age? Normaly they will start to have the vaginal dischage before or after their first period? My girl is 11 yrs old and she start to have some viginal discharge recently. Thank you.

Answer: Vaginal discharge may be a normal phenomenon in girls. Some girls will get vaginal discharge about 4-6 months just before their first period. The discharge is clear , no odour and is not associated with itchiness or pain. Vaginal discharge may also occur because of infection or with use of soap/ bubble baths that may have irritated the genital area. In those instances, the discharge may be greenish, greyish or cottage white that has a fishy odour and is associated with itchiness/soreness. if all is well, it’s likely that her discharge is normal.