[Q&A] Child’s chronic coughing

Question: My daughter is four years old and since the beginning of this year (January 2014)she have had continuous coughing spells especially at night. We were told that the coughs were due to the back flowing of mucus from the nose.Her coughs are full of phlegm and it often comes with running nose. We have seen many doctors including her pediatrician but the coughs and phlegm came back within a week or two.This has been happening for half a year. Otherwise she is very healthy and active. What can be the problem? Regards.TH Loh

Answer: Hi Loh, Coughing mainly at nite would often signify asthma. And this is because it is colder at night and kids with underlying asthma are easily triggered by cold, among others. However , there are other causes of night cough. Kids with allergic rhinitis ( often sneeze, runny nose, itchiness of the nose and/or eyes) may cough due to the mucous trickling at the back of their throat when they lay down. You could refer to the articles below for detail explanation. The other symptoms listed in the articles will help you point to the problem ( see if your child have other symptoms as well) If the problem has been recurring , it is best to get it treated and see if there’s improvement. http://www.doktorbudak.com/2013/07/20/anak-saya-batuk-malam/ and http://www.doktorbudak.com/2014/07/09/1049/ Let us know if the other symptoms fit your child’s condition.