[Q&A] Did not call papa & mama at age 2 years 6 months

Question: MY girl never call mama & papa till to date. She is 2 years 6 months baby. she able to read letters from A – Z, numbers from 1 – 10. Even she able to spell O N E is 1.

I wonder why she never call me and my husband. She able to understand some instruction but not all. Not really enjoy playing with others kids. Depends on her mood. She has eye contact with me. Able to play puzzles – 24 pcs. Doctor told me her problems is development delay. What shall I do?

Answer: Dear Madam Lim, A child who is 2 years of age should have about 100 words that he/she can say. The child should also be combining 2 words together. If your child is able to recognize A-Z and 1-10 but is not growing in her other other vocabulary such as calling people, naming things and actions, I suggest that you bring her for an assessment with a developmental paediatrician and a speech-language therapist. Since your doctor is also concerned that your child may have developmental delay, then you should seek help as soon as possible. Early detection and intervention is very crucial in helping your child. You can see any private developmental paediatrician and speech-language therapist. If you would like services from public hospitals, get any doctor to write a referral letter to a public hospital’s paediatrician and speech-language therapist so that you can get an appointment date from the hospital. I hope this information is useful to you.