Happy Family, Happy Teens


Family is a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group. Each family has it’s own strength. For a family to function properly, everyone needs to get along and feel a minimum of stress and unhappiness.

Everyone wants a functioning home and aware of the negative effects of a dysfunctional household. Benefits of a family happiness and unity are huge. Surveys indicated that while happiness was strongly tied to changes in the quality of family relationships. Children or teens need a close and stable family relationship.

A dysfunctional family is a family, in which conflict, misbehaviour and even abuse occur frequently, leading other members to accommodate such actions. When the family is happy, children or teen of the family will be happy too, and vice versa! Teen that comes from a family lacking adult love will learn from the technology around them eg virtual friends. They lack of emotional self-control, and ‘parented’ by their mobile phones.

Single parents, or busy parents; with no support may not have the energy to give time and support to the children. Free time will be ‘me’ time; not family time. Teens need to fell loved, valued and secure – it starts at home.

Tips for parents for Family Happiness

1. Enjoy each other, treat each other well. Respect each other’s view and opinion. Love each other.

2. Share stories with your children. Children and teens love to hear your stories when you are at their age, and stories of yourself at work.

3. Relationship and marriage are very important. Set example of love to the children. If you treat your partner well, most likely your teen will treat other children well.

4. Eat together. It’s time to connect. Ensure you connect with your kids. Make meal time a quality time.

5. Play together. This is the most fun way to spend as a family, and the get connected.

6. Put family before friends

7. Kids need fun! If they don’t get the fun at home, they will look elsewhere.

8. Family needs rituals. Eg going out for dinner every weekend. Value your family rituals

9. Calm environment at home. Nobody shouts at home. If you yell, it will only reflect you are out of control.

10. Parents, never fight in front of the kids. Try to protect your children.

11. Do not work all the time, prioritize your kids. They are valuable.

12. Communicate openly. Ensure every family member communicate effectively with each other.

13. Ensure sense of connection with each other.

14. Each of the children is unique. Their uniqueness is what makes them special, and they should be proud of it.

pic source - howtoparentateen.wordpress.com

pic source – howtoparentateen.wordpress.com

(written by Dr Norharlina bt Bahar )

This article originally appeared in Portal MyHEALTH


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