Speech Therapist in the house



It is common for a person to be uncertain about their choice of career, on what to pursue in tertiary education. Ms. Yong Ennie was not one of those people. She was very sure that she wanted to be a speech therapist, and was ready to go through ups and downs to be one. And what a fine speech therapist she is today. Her lecturers and her friends would be very proud of her.

DoktorBudak.com is indeed proud to announce that Ms. Yong Ennie will be one of us to provide vital and useful information for parents out there, particularly about speech and language development.

Yong Ennie is very dedicated and brilliant in her work, with lots of good testimonies from referring doctors and parents.

She attained her degree in speech sciences with honours from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. [ BSpeech Sci. (Hons) (UKM) ] Her many roles as a speech-language pathologist includes providing assessment, diagnosis and intervention regarding speech, language and feeding difficulties. She also provides interventions for children with speech and language difficulties. This includes helping a child to communicate via means of speech or other forms of communication such as pictures, gestures, etc.

Ms. Yong Ennie was a volunteer in a early intervention centre for children with special needs for more than year before going to university. Therefore her main interest is in learning disabilities, feeding difficulties, play and parent-child interaction.

It will be of great value to have a speech therapist like Yong Ennie on the panel of DoktorBudak.com

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