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Dear readers of,

Today is the 17th day since we launched this website, and we truly enjoy the experience of interacting with you and writing articles that answers your questions. We are happy to receive your positive feedback, and also glad to see many questions coming in. We now have more than 50,000 hits to this blog, 2005 Facebook followers, 675 Twitter followers. This is indeed a very encouraging response.

However, we are aware of our limitations although we do want this blog to be as interactive as possible. We apologise for not being able to answer your questions immediately, as all of us are busy with our daily work. We usually use weekends and evenings after work to attend to the questions.

We would also like to emphasise that is an online medium for you to get answers regarding matters of child healthcare, but not as a clinic where you get to consult a paediatrician especially in urgent cases in which your child is not well. It is important that your child is examined properly by a doctor in a real-life consultation. 

From the polls conducted and questions received, we realise that there are so much more to share with you all, and we are really looking forward to produce more blogposts/articles as soon as possible.

We trust that the articles posted so far are useful and helped to clear some misconceptions, as well as empowered you to make decisions regarding our child’s health. We hope to continue this project and to form an extensive collection of articles that will be good for your reference.

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