Q: Hi doc, my daughter who is a year and 8 months now has a skin spot on her cheek that looks like a rash or allergy reaction. We have been to the paeds and dermatologist and was prescribed evomate to be applied up to 3 days. It cleared off but few days after it reappeared. Is it something to do with her diet? And what can u suggest? ( Nik )

A:  Dear Nik,

Rash on the cheek in a 1 year 8 months old girl can be of many reasons.  The most common cause is what we call ‘eczema’. Eczema simply means inflammation of the skin.  There are many types of eczema in children with different underlying causes, the commonest being ‘atopic eczema’.  Eczema can run a chronic relapsing course; meaning that the rash will improve/disappear but it will recur again.

Rashes are very unlikely to be caused by food, it is more likely to be caused any additional cream/lotion/powder that has been applied onto her face causing what we call ‘contact eczema’.  In this case, it will be cured by simply stopping the usage of these products.

I would advise you that if the rash keeps appearing or worsening ie spreading to other parts of the body, she needs to be assessed again to ascertain the diagnosis, further treatment as well as a longer term follow up.

( answered by Dr Aileen Wee )

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