[Q&A] My child has problem in gaining weight

Question: My 1yo child is active n maybe tis is de reason she has problem in gaining weight. Her birth weight is 3kg but now is oni bout 8kg. My question is wat is de recommended formula milk which is less sugar since she is a active baby.. Wat else i can do to help her on weight gain? She pretty good in takin solid foods but not on her milk intake. I hav tried olive oil, yogurt, avocado.. nth can help.. each month oni gain bout 0.25kg.

Answer: There r a few factors to consider when a child has poor weight gain. Is it bcoz of inadequate intake, too much losses e.g diarrhoea and vomiting ; and increased metabolism due to underlying illness. Regardless, they are a proportion of kids who r small but healthy.
You can change the milk to a high calorie one which can be bought at d pharmacy.
She needs to take more of carbohydrate e.g rice, bread, spaghetti. Lots of patience needed coz it wilk take sometime before d child increases in her weight.