Thank you for your questions and feedback

We hope to produce blog posts that answers the following questions, really soon.

Example of questions that we received since launching yesterday were as follow:-

1)  ” Salam, my baby skrg 11months. Masa dia 2bulan stgh, dia pernah amik vaksin pneumococcal. The next day tu die demam sehari then batuk berkahak lebih dr seminggu. Doc kata ade bunyi wheezing and tanda tanda bronkitis so kene buat neb and sedut kahak. So sy jadi phobia nk bg baby amik next dose. Skrg ni sy rasa nk amik balik vaksin tu sbb byk kes lung infection. My question is, adakah batuk berkahak tu kesan/effect drpd vaksin or adakah anak sy alergic dengan vaksin tu? Thank you ” 


2) “Saya ingin bertanya berkaitan bayi lelaki berumur setahun yang ada masalah undecended testis. Satu daripada testis tidak turun habis semasa bayi dalam perut ibu.  Adakah urutan tradisional selamat? Jika tidak, pada usia berapa operation perlu dilakukan? Kesan sampingan setelah operation? “


3) “How to handle tantrum of toddler? My 1 year 10 months old girl always throw the things when she unsatisfied with something. Sometime she scratch to our face to show her mad.

One more thing, I think she is a bit jealous with her new brother, 3 months old baby. She sometimes bites him at his arm, nose and finger. I feel a bit worry and we try to stop her from doing that to baby. We talk gently to her but still, she do the same when got chance.

She is such a good girl when I with her (only). She not disturb me, even she not crying or shouting unreasonable. We have gave full attention to her, we spent our time to make her happy.. We bring her out & buy good food for her. But when it happen to see his little brother, she will take chances to left her scratch towards the baby.”


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